Alabama folk school

There are memories from my childhood that have faded with time, but some are as fresh as cut flowers. One such memory is of my great-grandmother working in her tiny kitchen.  During the summer, she canned fresh vegetables she had picked that morning from her garden.

Beam me up

I wonder what happened to UFOs? When I was younger, people around the world reported seeing them in the sky. Those living in Alabama and Mississippi trailer parks had a front row seat. Maybe the crafts used magnets for propulsion and metal structures attracted them.


The road felt like my office this past week. Yesterday, the weather radar showed rain moving in from the south, so I tossed a tent-sized umbrella behind the seat before heading out. Meetings took me to the northern and western parts of Alabama.

Bathroom Wimps

This much I know for sure: Home ownership is not for wimps! I have known this fact for ages, but I was reminded last weekend when I walked into my bathroom. There was an unpleasant smell. No, that is an understatement.


This past week on the way home I stopped by the Mulberry Forks in Sipsey. Normally, there are several people sitting in folding chairs, shooting the bull and watching time pass at the speed of the slow-moving river. But on this day, I had the place to myself.