Risen to lead Dogs

McAdams High School recently hired Jim Risen to be their next football coach after former head coach Priest Crockett left to take another position in the Metro Jackson area.  Risen, who graduated from Buckatanna High School in 1984 and Southern Mississippi in 1990, comes to t

Tiny elbows

Last week I talked about the “nothing-box,” but this week I would like to dive off into the ability to doze off, anywhere.  It came to my attention that I might need to expand a little further into the dozing off phenomena after I watched an advertisement on TV about this poo

Nothing, nothing at all

More often than not we try really hard to be happy when we would just really rather be in a “nothing” mode for the moment, which is “happy” for me the more I think about it.  In fact, women find this hard to understand, but we men can just sit and think about “nothing,” which