Stan Beall

Making time

How many times have you looked at your watch (iPhone) today to see what time it was?  Did you take into account that the seconds you waste looking at the time you could be doing something productive?  No?  Neither did I; what’s up with that?  I quit wearing a watch about 10 y

Just let them play ball

A quick disclaimer before I go any further with this column…it is not about you, so please do not think I am directing it at anyone in particular, which I probably am, but still, it is probably not about you.  I cover sports on all fronts for our small hometown newspaper and

A red bug melody

To all creatures, big or small, and to the two or three readers of my column, I send my greetings and salutations for your unending faithfulness to reading the words that are set before you most weeks in my column.  Many times I just sit down and say to myself, “What in the w

Tiny elbows

Last week I talked about the “nothing-box,” but this week I would like to dive off into the ability to doze off, anywhere.  It came to my attention that I might need to expand a little further into the dozing off phenomena after I watched an advertisement on TV about this poo