Saying goodbye is never easy


And now, the time is near, and so I face my final column.

Truth be told, I don’t quite know what to write. Saying goodbye is hard. I’ve known that this column has been lurking around the corner for quite some time, and yet, I did nothing about it. I didn’t try and brainstorm ideas. I didn’t write this a few weeks ago and make tweaks every few days to perfect it.

Like all my other articles, I waited until the last second to craft what is intended to be my best work for the weekly paper.

I save my writing until the last moment for a number of reasons, but the most important reason is that I always want my writing to come from the heart.

That might sound super lame, but I think you’ll find that you do the same with the things in your life. After all, why sacrifice precious moments of your life for something if you aren’t passionate about it?

Now that I think about it, as cheesy as it sounds, following my passion and finding my place really is the reason I came to The Star-Herald. Though I was still young in my journalism profession, Kosciusko welcomed me with open arms.

Through trial and error, I slowly immersed myself into a loving and supporting community that wanted to see us succeed.

Needless to say, I’ve greatly enjoyed my time as the editor and publisher for The Star-Herald. Over the course of millions of words, I managed to build relationships with some very talented professionals and have gotten to rub shoulders with some amazing people.

But the time as come to say goodbye, as I look to continue my journalism career at The Delta Democrat Times in Greenville.

Kosciusko has been a life changing place for me. I have made many lifelong friends and have grown drastically as a human being.

Last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to you, our readers. Thank you for listening —or I guess reading— my ramblings on weekly basis as we built a truly great product.

Joseph Brown is the former editor and publisher of The Star-Herald.



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